Saturday, May 18, 2013

Can the Knicks Save their Season?

"Dammit, we gotta figure it out real soon"

-Mike Woodson on the Knicks' struggles

Indeed you did coach. And New York pulled it together for you.

The Knicks played their real basketball in Game 5. Indiana knew coming in it is one of the most difficult postseason tasks to close out a seven-game series on the road in Madison Square Garden, and New York gave its home town the kind of play they've been craving.

Just the ball movement itself made an enormous impact on the flow of the game from the beginning. Facing a win-or-go-home situation, Mike Woodson's team was finally able to get their heads back into this series - both Anthony and Smith continued to shoot increasing well, a welcome sign for the Garden faithful Thursday night. All around contributions on both ends of the floor put the Pacers in an early rut they would never overcome.

Felton, Shumpert, and Prigioni all did a good job of setting the pace to their own preference, making the scoring opportunities easier for Anthony, Smith, and Copeland (I was right you know). New York took a page out of Indiana's book, pounding the boards and creating vastly more second chances for the interior offense. On top of that, the Knicks played Game 5 with a level of confidence that hasn't been seen since the first round. They know now that they belong here, should be the better team, and have their hearts set on playing at AA Arena in Miami next week. That's the attitude they'll need to keep to win.

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