Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Legitimacy of the New York Knicks (Part 1)

10-28. That's how Carmelo Anthony shot in Game 1 of the Eastern Semis vs Indiana on Sunday. Yes, that is terrible. Yes, that is no way to succeed in the postseason. But no, Anthony haters*, the NBA scoring champion is not worthless. 11 Rebounds and an over-under of +7, on top of 27 points, is not worthless. Despite his poor shooting, Carmelo contributed 7 points to a game that was sloppily played on the offensive floor by most of the Knicks. But as shooting slumps come, they also go, so when Anthony and Smith presumably find their shots again, the Knicks can again be a formidable offense to any team in the NBA.

The offensive penetration and staying out of foul trouble will be the keys to New York's success tonight in Game 2. The Knicks also did not do a good job of spreading Indiana's offense, allowing too many open looks for a team that does not have a go-to scorer. Provided the Knicks get back into this series, they'll have a better-than-perceived chance at the Eastern Conference Championship.

*On a Side Note

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