Monday, June 3, 2013

Notes on Last Week


The Metropolitans swept the Yankees for the first time since the inception of interleague play, taking four of four with great pitching performances (notably Gee, career-best start), and a much better looking offense then the Mets had seen this season. While the Yankees turned in disappoint performances all-around, it seems the biggest shame for both teams was their respective series' to follow. The Miami Marlins are at the bottom of the table in every offensive category in baseball, and entered their series with the Mets one game off pace from breaking the Mets' very own MLB record of 120 losses in a season. Some how, some way, New York lost all the momentum they had that series; Matt Harvey giving his most vulnerable looking start of the season (5IP 10H 4ER 2BB 5K). The Yankees were able to pick up their first game vs Boston, but were pounded in game two and wound up being the unlucky victims of a rain-called game three which they lost, 3-0.


I for one was surprised by the recent firing of John Tortorella. While he has great knowledge of the game of hockey and a fiery personality to go with it, it was obvious most of the players for New York did not wish to play for him any longer. Whether underperformance by the Rangers this season was his fault or not, he won't be missed by that clubhouse at MSG.


Jason Kidd retirement was an anticipated one, and while his on-court contributions to New York last season may not have been entirely effective, his off-the-court knowledge proved very valuable to the Knicks' younger players. Any team will be very lucky to have a surefire HOFer like Kidd in their organization. On the subject of Carmelo Anthony, his request to Glen Grunwald for an additional scorer is not necessarily ridiculous, but a comment certainly out of place for a player with such poor recent FG%'s. JR Smith is probably unlikely to return to New York as it seemed during the postseason that his Sixth-Man magic had already run out. Without another reliable shooter Melo will have to take a majority of shots, and it will have poor effects for both the team and Melo's own value. Anthony would indeed play far better if the Knicks could add some sort of Westbrook or Wade to his Durant or LeBron, but seeing as salary cap issues will be a problem, it wouldn't be surprising to see Melo left with out to dry next opening night.

Upcoming Previews

Pacers @ Heat - NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

What else is there to say. LeBron James, King of Flop, vs Roy "No-Homo" Hibbert. The Heat will need to play their best, and I mean very best basketball to finally break down Indiana's defense. Cheating refs or not, lazy flow in Miami's pure talent-based club will not advance them to a third consecutive Conference Championship.

Bruins @ Penguins - NHL Eastern Conference Finals Game 2

Boston's Jaromir Jagr and Tyler Seguin look to snap a combined 1-85 in shots on goal this postseason to continue their cinderella postseason vs Pittsburgh (T-NHL best in wins 2013 (36)).

Blackhawks @ Kings - NHL Western Conference Finals Game 3

No. 1 seed Chicago looks to take a three-game lead on the defending champion Kings in Los Angeles Tuesday.

*IND@MIA 6/3 8:30ET - BOS@PIT 6/3 8:00ET - CHI@LAK 6/4 9:00ET*

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  1. A. the heat will win
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