Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Perfect Trade: Murphy for Gardner

New York City stands today as one of the least-ept sports cities in the nation.

Thus all eyes turn to the Yankees and Mets as the two teams try very desperately to rebuild their clubs that struggled mightily in the 2013 season. And maybe just bring some wins back for New York.

I believe there is a way that each team could help each other. With the departure of Robinson Canó, the Yankees are without a second baseman. The Mets have depth at 2B in Murphy, Young Jr, Flores, and Tovar. The Mets are in need of an outfielder and a more reliable leadoff hitter. The Yankees' outfield now includes Ellsbury, Beltrán, Soriano, Wells, Gardner, and Suzuki.

See where there could be a trade somewhere in that mix?

The Mets would be willing to trade a proven player like Murphy to a team in demand, such as the Yankees, in return for a quality outfielder (while maintaining their draft pick nonetheless). The Yankees meanwhile don't seem to have room in their lineup for a player like Gardner any longer, considering Ellsbury's ability to lead off and their plethora of better-hitting outfielders.

Murphy for Gardner, straight up, makes sense for both teams. Let's say the winter meetings go well, and this trade happens, here are projected lineups for both teams (as if healthy and suspension-free):

New York Yankees 2014

Ellsbury CF
Murphy 2B
Beltrán DH
Teixeira 1B
Soriano LF
McCann C
Rodriguez 3B
Jeter SS
Suzuki RF

New York Mets 2014

Gardner LF
Young Jr 2B
Wright 3B
Granderson RF
Duda 1B
Lagares CF
d'Arnaud C
Tejada SS

Show me any Yankee or Met fan who wouldn't love to see those lineups after going through what they did last season.

In 2013, Daniel Murphy batted .286/.319/.415 to Brett Gardner's .273/.344/.416. For their careers, Murphy hits .290/.333/.424, Gardner hits .268/.352/.381. Murphy is the better all-around player, but their lines are extremely balanced in recent years.

The players themselves would even benefit. Murphy's power numbers will go through the roof as a LHB in Yankee Stadium, and Gardner will be able to take full advantage of Citi Field's large dimensions to up his already-high triples.

Both teams would/should be willing to do this deal. Everyone wins, and it's a low-risk, high-reward prospect for both sides.

Sandy Alderson, Brian Cashman, make it happen.

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